Esthetician - Gilbert


Mary graduated with a B.S. degree in computer science but soon realized her passion was in the beauty industry. She's a glitter fanatic so once she got her hands on some shimmer eyeshadow at a young age it was over. She started watching beauty gurus on YouTube when she was in high school and all through college and would replicate their looks. Lashes and eye looks became her favorite thing to create. She started putting her own twist on the looks and soon started creating her own from scratch. She was never great at drawing, painting, or poetry like the rest of her family so this became her creative outlet.  She got in the beauty industry because her dream was to be a makeup artist for movies and magazines. She's always wanted to learn special fx makeup. She attended the Aveda institute Phoenix and graduated with her esthetic license in 2016. Since then, she's gotten certified in lash extensions and Microblading. She's still in the beginning stages of her career but she's experienced so much in this industry already and she can’t wait to see what else she can do. Mary says, "I love how there are so many different brands of makeup and they all are geared to a specific genre." She loves sharing her passion for makeup and loves transforming people’s look. Her motto is everyone is beautiful but makeup can give a person that boost of confidence they need to feel more comfortable in their own skin. She also enjoys the skin care portion of her career. Good makeup needs a good base. She had acne in her teenage years and went through a lot to clear it up. Being able to help someone who is in that position is rewarding. Acne kills people’s confidence and self esteem. She loves helping people, especially teenagers, who are just beginning to find themselves, who are also in high school where people are divided by what you look like and who your friends are, to clear up their skin and find that confidence so many teenagers are lacking.

"You only get 1 skin and I make it my mission to help my guests learn how to take care of it and keep it healthy." - Mary