How to Get Pinterest-Worthy Undone Waves

Messy hair is having a moment in the hair world right now. Take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, or a magazine and you'll see beachy waves that are undone, textured, and soft. This laid back look is easy to achieve but there are a few key things to take into consideration.

  1. Pick the right products. You'll definitely want to use a heat protectant prior to drying. Pick something that works for your hair type. If you hair fine or flat hair, try Pure Abundance Style Prep to add texture and volume. For curly hair, try Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Nourishing Styling Creme to help smooth frizz. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is another great heat protectant that can be used on all types.
  2. Prep properly. The amount and type of preparation for this style depends largely on your hair type and texture. If you have curly hair you may need to blow your hair out prior to curling. If you're hair tends to be limp and flat, a quick rough dry can add some volume and texture. If you're hair is straight or wavy and you don't battle frizz or flatness, you may be able to air dry then style. 
  3. Use the right tools. For this style, you can use a flat iron or a curling iron. Pick whichever is more comfortable to you. A 1.25 inch curling iron works well on most types and lengths. If you have very fine or hard to curl hair, try a 1 inch iron. If your hair is very long, a 1.5 inch iron can create loose waves.
  4. Technique makes all the difference. For this style, it is important to alternate the direction of your curls. Leaving an inch or two out at the bottom is also key to achieving a tousled look.
  5. Tease it a bit. If you'd like to add a bit more volume you can gently tease the crown. Don't tease too much as this can quickly make it look overdone.
  6. Finish it right. Shake out your hair at the roots and finger comb if needed. You can add some Control Paste or Men's Pureformance Grooming Clay to the ends for added texture and separation. Finish with a light hold hairspray (like Air Control). A strong hold spray can make this style too stiff.
  7. Admire your work. Admire your skills and take a selfie of that Pinerest-worthy hair. :)