Stylist - Mesa/Dana Park

"I was born in Flagstaff, AZ and moved to Phoenix when I was 8. The hobbies that I enjoy the most in life involve a balance of both my mental and physical states. From a young age, reading has been one of my most favored joys. I will read any genre, but I prefer a good novel with a central theme towards the meaning of life or a well illustrated graphic novel. Hiking and running are two activities that help guide me towards clarity within my mind as well as providing a focus for my physical energy. When I am outside, I am at peace. Being able to express my creativity is an outlet I value highly. I feel compelled to draw at times and at others to write. Singing, coloring, crafting, I genuinely enjoy any form of expression that I feel a calling towards. Some I excel in more than others, but I appreciate the ability to choose how I communicate about myself. I come from a close family where we connect freely and laugh about most everything. My family is my support, and I am fortunate to have them. I have found a best friend in my boyfriend, and we have a dog that I am not sure I could love any more than I do. Life is great and beautiful which I work to see at the start and end of each day."