(Naturally) Beautiful Skin

Many of our guests love Aveda hair care but are unaware of their expansive skin care line. Aveda skin care has products in all categories that address a broad range of concerns and conditions.

Aveda achieves results by combining advanced technology with ancient Ayurvedic ingredients and practices. Aveda skin care is 97% naturally derived and sourced responsibly. 

Whether you are 12 or 85, Aveda has products that will address your unique skin care concerns. Read on to discover how to build your perfect routine.



Cleansing is a fundamental step in achieving healthy skin. At night, we need to remove makeup and excess oil. Cleansing in the morning is optional depending on skin type. The Botanical Kinetics range offers specific cleansers for oily, dry, sensitive and dull skin types.


Exfoliation removes dead skills, improves skin clarity, and helps to prevent and clear breakouts. Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant contains naturally derived salicylic acid to exfoliate gently. 


Step 3: TONE

Toning balances the ph of the skin post-cleanse and helps to hydrate. For oily skin, try Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist. For dry skin, go for the Skin Firming Toning Mist. If you need serious hydration, the Hydrating Treatment Lotion is the way to go.


Step 4: EYES

During the day, Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme hydrates lightly and reduces puffiness. At night, apply Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye to combat the signs of aging.


Step 5: TREAT

Select a treatment based on your skin's condition. Tulasara Firm Concentrate targets visible signs of aging, Tulasara Bright Concentrate helps to fade pigmentation, and Calm Concentrate reduces redness and irritation.



Even if you have oily skin, you need a moisturizer. Combo/oily types should go for Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion or Soft Creme. Dryer skins should use Rich Creme. At night, use Tulasara Wedding Masque to hydrate and plump.


This step is only during the day. Even if you are inside and away from the sun, it is important to use sun protection. Sun damage is cumulative and can take years to show up in the form of wrinkles and dark spots. Daily Light Guard SPF 30 uses natural mineral filters to protect the skin without causing irritation.

What hair products do you really NEED?

Many of us have bathroom cabinets cluttered with hair products. Most people have some products that they love and repurchase, some they aren't crazy about, and some products they don't why they purchased. Below is a simplified way to streamline your products. Pick one from each category for an easy yet effective hair care regimen. 



Select your shampoo based on your hair type and needs. Do you color your hair? Opt for Color Conserve. Are you trying to fight frizz? Use Smooth Infusion. Battling breakage? Try Damage Remedy. Is your hair falling flat? Pure Abundance.



Many people choose the conditioner that matches their shampoo of choice but if needed you can mix and match. For example, if you're using Color Conserve shampoo but need more moisture you can try Dry Remedy conditioner. The possibilities are endless.


Treat (Optional)

If you're dealing with chronic dryness, breakage, or frizz try one of Aveda's intensive treatments. Select the one that addresses your primary concern and use it as often as needed.



Prepping the hair prior to styling is important because it protects from damage, makes combing easier, and helps all other stylers work better. If you are a curly girl, try Be Curly Style Prep. If you're hair is lacking volume and texture, try adding Pure Abundance Style Prep to your routine.



Your styling product should be tailored to the type of style you're going for. If you're straightening curls and kinks, try Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. If you need lift and light hold, Phomollient is an ideal choice. For hair that falls flat at the crown, Volumizing Tonic is your best bet.



Finishing products can provide hold, texture, or shine. If you have fine hair that is prone to flyaways, Light Elements Smoothing Fluid can provide shine and smoothness without weight. If your hair always falls flat after curling try Control Force Hairspray. If you want to add texture, try Control Paste.

Time Saving Holiday Hacks

The happiest (and busiest!) time of the year is fast approaching! The holidays usually coincide with family gatherings, parties, shopping and trips. With all of that going on, it can be difficult to maintain your usual beauty routine. Below are some of our favorite time saving tricks and tips.


  • Apply dry shampoo to freshly washed hair. Using Shampure Dry Shampoo on clean hair will prevent your hair from getting oily in the first place. This should give you at least one extra day before you need to shampoo again. Bonus: it will also add texture and volume!
  • Keep your ends fresh between trims. Damage Remedy Split End Repair temporarily binds split ends and leaves your style looking healthy when you don't have time for a salon visit.


  • Hydrate while you sleep. Masking is extremely beneficial for all skin types. In the cool months it is especially important to add hydration back into your skin. After applying your favorite moisturizer at night, apply a thin layer of Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask. Give it a few minutes to absorb and go to bed. This mask is a clear gel that leaves no residue. Using it overnight will leave your skin fresh and glowing in the morning.
  • Refresh your skin throughout the day. When you're out all day, sometimes your makeup can start to look dry or cakey. Carry a bottle of Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist (for oily skin) or Skin Firming Toning Mist (for dry skin) and lightly mist as needed throughout the day. This will help refresh your makeup and will keep your skin balanced.


  • Stain your lips. Bold and bright lips are festive but often high maintenance. Apply your lipstick and blot with a tissue. Repeat and then apply one more thin layer of lip color. This with ensure that you have a pretty stain left even after drinks.
  • Get glowy. Take a light, shimmery shadow (like Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Illumination) and lightly dust it on the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupid's bow. This will give you a candlelit glow in any lighting.

Get Your Healthiest Hair Possible This Fall

Aveda has recently added a new product to their Damage Remedy line. Split End Repair instantly repairs damaged ends and keeps your hair feeling healthy through your next wash!

Split End Repair contains quinoa protein to strengthen the hair over time. This prevents new split ends from forming. Nangai oil helps draw split ends back together for a smoother appearance and feel.

This product is the perfect addition to your routine. You can use it in addition to the entire Damage Remedy line to protect hair against physical, chemical, environmental, and heat damage. If damage is not a primary concern for you, you can add this product to any other routine. Just apply it on dry, styled hair and feel the difference!

Achieve Radiant Skin with Aveda

When guests are shopping for skin care, two of the most common concerns we hear are dullness and hyperpigmentation. By combining existing Aveda products with the new Tulasara launches, you can address both of these concerns.


Radiant Awakening Ritual

This ritual combines Ayurvedic dry-brushing techniques and facial massage. This daily two-step ritual begins by gently dry-brushing the face using upward motions. This should be performed for one minute and on clean, dry skin. Immediately after dry-brushing, apply the Radiant Oleation Oil and spend a few minutes performing a facial massage. Allow the oil to sit on your skin prior to cleansing.

This ritual is recommended for morning but you can incorporate it in the evening if it is more convenient. The Radiant Awakening Ritual provides gentle exfoliation and improves circulation for a radiant glow.


Your Daily Purescription for Radiant Skin

Cleanse with Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser. This creamy cleanser contains jojoba beads to reveal a more radiant complexion.

Tone/Exfoliate. Use Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant in the evening and the appropriate toner for your skin type in the morning. 

Hydrate with Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment. This watery essence provides a shot of hydration for all skin types.

Treat with Tulasara Bright Concentrate.

This potent serum contains licorice root to reduce pigmentation issues and glucosamine to aid in cell turnover. 

If you have secondary concerns, Calm or Firm Concentrate can be layered on top of Bright. 




Moisturize with your favorite Aveda Botanical Kinetics moisturizer and Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme.

Protect with Daily Light Guard SPF 30 in the morning.





Tulasara: Advanced Science Meets Ayurvedic Wisdom


Tulasara is one of Aveda's most anticipated product launches in years. This line is the marrying of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the most cutting edge skin care technology available. The entire line was created to work in synergy with existing the Aveda products that many of us know and love.

Tulasara means "moving towards balance" in Sanskrit. Each product in the Tulasara range targets a specific skin concern and aims to bring the skin closer to a balanced state. This line focuses of the absence of negatives and setting positive skin care goals. 


Below is a brief description of the products within the Tulasara line and how to incorporate Tulasara into your skincare routine.


Tulasara Firm Concentrate

Firm Concentrate lifts and firms to help restore a radiant, youthful appearance. This can be used by all skin types and for all stages of aging.

This powerful Concentrate contains acetyl hexapeptide-8, a bio-fermented peptide, to promote natural collagen production. Sweet almond seed extract provides and instant tightening sensation and certified organic ginger serves as an anti-oxidant. Glucosamine helps aid in cell turnover. 

Firm Concentrate addresses signs of ages by firming, lifting, exfoliating, and hydrating. 


Tulasara Bright Concentrate

Bright Concentrate restores radiance and reduces the appearance of dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. 

Bright Concentrate contains licorice root extract to reduce discoloration and molasses to reduce dark spots. Like Firm Concentrate, Bright also contains glucosamine to promote cell turnover. 

Utilize Bright Concentrate to achieve a more radiant, even skin tone.


Tulasara Calm Concentrate 

Calm Concentrate soothes irritation and helps make the skin more resilient over time. 

This Concentrate contains algae to calm redness and irritation. Pomegranate fruit extract serves as a soothing anti-oxidant and red raspberry plant stem cells to restore the skin.

Calm Concentrate can be used relieve surface redness and signs of irritation.


Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual

This daily, two step ritual consists of two products: Radiant Oleation Oil and Radiant Facial Dry Brush.

The Radiant Facial Dry Brush is used to promote microcirculation and gentle exfoliation. After using the dry brush, the Radiant Oleation Oil is massaged on and left on the skin for a few minutes prior to cleansing. 

The Radiant Facial Dry Brush is composed of very soft nylon bristles. The Radiant Oleation oil is a blend of six plant oils that nourish and restore the skin.


How do the new Tulasara products fit into my skin care routine?

The new Concentrates are essentially high-powered serums. They can be used twice daily. If you have multiple skin concerns, you can layer the appropriate concentrates for maximum results. They should applied after the toning stage.

The Radiant Oleation Ritual can be utilized prior to your routine. It was originally intended to be used as a morning ritual but can be performed in the evening if it fits into your nightly routine better.




A typical routine would look something like this:

Morning: Cleanser > Exfoliant/Toning Mist > Hydrating Treatment Lotion > Concentrate > Moisturizer > Eye Cream > Sun Protection

Evening: Cleanser > Exfoliant/Toning Mist > Hydrating Treatment Lotion > Concentrate > Moisturizer > Eye Cream


Supercharge your skin care with treatments from your esthetician.

Along with the Tulasara product launch, Aveda has launched many professional only products and treatments.

Visit your esthetician for more details.

Skin Care: Discover the Beauty of Natural Ingredients

When shopping for skincare, do you know what ingredients to look for? Below are some ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to skin health. No matter your skin type or concern, you can find the right products for you by taking a look at the ingredients list.


Cupuaçu butter helps seal the skin's barrier to protect against moisture loss. It is hydrating yet light and can be used by all skin types. Find it in Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Cremes and Energizing Eye Creme.



Jojoba oil is very similar to skin's natural sebum. Because it mimics the natural oils of the skin, it helps seal in moisture and can be used by all skin types. You can find jojoba oil in Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion.


Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid gently exfoliates and refines skin. It helps with clogged pores and improves texture. Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant contains wintergreen derived salicylic acid.



Clay helps to draw impurities out of the skin. It also helps absorb excess oil to balance the skin. Kaolin and bentonite clay can be found in the Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque.


Rose Water

Rose water helps to hydrate and calm the skin. The refreshing aroma also invigorates the senses. Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist and Skin Firming Toning Agent.



Algae is a natural humectant that helps bind moisture to the skin. The new Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion contains algae as well as other natural humectants.



Aloe is lightly hydrating and very soothing. It is another natural humectant that can be beneficial to all skin types. Intensive Hydrating Masque provides hydration and calming effect because it is packed with aloe.

Pure Privilege: The Rewards Program You NEED in Your Life

Many guests enjoy Aveda products and have loyally repurchased for years. They love what Aveda stands for and they love the results the products give. Many of these guests are unaware that they can be rewarded for simply buying the products they love.

Pure Privilege is a membership rewards program that allows guests to earn points on all product purchases with Aveda salons and experience centers. That may sound like a standard rewards program but below are the things that make Pure Privilege truly unique.

  1. You can earn FREE products by simply buying products. For every dollar you spend on products, you earn 10 points. These points can be redeemed online (and inside 20 Volume!) for select products. You can get a paddle brush, Aveda Comforting Tea, makeup items, and more!
  2. You can redeem your points for a salon certificate to use on hair or spa services. It's as easily as selecting your salon and making the appointment.
  3. Your points will add up more quickly than you think. Aveda has two Double Points weekends per year. Members also receive a Double Points certificate for their birthday and after enrollment. 
  4. Aveda will give you a birthday gift. In addition to the Double Points certificate, you will receive a certificate for a complimentary Composition Oil of your choice that can be redeemed in salon.
  5. You can use your points to go on vacation. The top tier reward is a three day resort stay in Antigua!

Pamper the Man in Your Life

Father's Day is only a little over a week away! Do you have anything planned for the Aveda Man in your life? Below are a few of our favorite ways to show them you care.

  1. Give them the gift of spa. Many men don't think to get a facial. Treat them to a relaxing facial that will calm them as well as care for their skin. If a facial isn't their cup of tea, book them a massage!
  2. Step up their shaving routine. Is it time for an upgrade? Put together a gift set with the appropriate Botanical Kinetics cleanser, Men Pure-Formance Shave Cream, and Pure-Formance After Shave. 
  3. Treat them to a night out. 20 Volume is hosting their annual Men's Night on June 15th. Guests receive a cut, mini facial, wings, and beverages. Can't make it in on the 15th? Book a cut and facial and treat him to his favorite dinner after.

Balayage: Why You Need to Try It

If you look through hair inspiration pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, you'll probably notice some common denominators. Natural, sunkissed balayage that is perfectly blended with perfectly tousled waves make up the vast majority of hair inspiration images. For the past few years, this trend has been one of the biggest trends in the hair world, and for good reason. 

  1. There is very minimal upkeep. Guests with balayage can often go three to six months before touching up. If you keep your natural color as your base, the grow out is very natural and can look good for up to six months. If you have a base color other than your natural color, you will only need to do retouches between balayage appointments.
  2. It looks more natural. Foils that are placed perfectly evenly leave a line as they grow out. Balayage is hand painted to give the appearance of highlights that were created by the sun. 
  3. Balayage adds dimension. It creates depth and dimension in the hair because of the varying tones throughout. Whether you wear it curled or straight, the color appears multi-dimensional and vibrant.

And if those aren't enough reasons for you to try it... Here are six more:

How to Get Pinterest-Worthy Undone Waves

Messy hair is having a moment in the hair world right now. Take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, or a magazine and you'll see beachy waves that are undone, textured, and soft. This laid back look is easy to achieve but there are a few key things to take into consideration.

  1. Pick the right products. You'll definitely want to use a heat protectant prior to drying. Pick something that works for your hair type. If you hair fine or flat hair, try Pure Abundance Style Prep to add texture and volume. For curly hair, try Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Nourishing Styling Creme to help smooth frizz. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is another great heat protectant that can be used on all types.
  2. Prep properly. The amount and type of preparation for this style depends largely on your hair type and texture. If you have curly hair you may need to blow your hair out prior to curling. If you're hair tends to be limp and flat, a quick rough dry can add some volume and texture. If you're hair is straight or wavy and you don't battle frizz or flatness, you may be able to air dry then style. 
  3. Use the right tools. For this style, you can use a flat iron or a curling iron. Pick whichever is more comfortable to you. A 1.25 inch curling iron works well on most types and lengths. If you have very fine or hard to curl hair, try a 1 inch iron. If your hair is very long, a 1.5 inch iron can create loose waves.
  4. Technique makes all the difference. For this style, it is important to alternate the direction of your curls. Leaving an inch or two out at the bottom is also key to achieving a tousled look.
  5. Tease it a bit. If you'd like to add a bit more volume you can gently tease the crown. Don't tease too much as this can quickly make it look overdone.
  6. Finish it right. Shake out your hair at the roots and finger comb if needed. You can add some Control Paste or Men's Pureformance Grooming Clay to the ends for added texture and separation. Finish with a light hold hairspray (like Air Control). A strong hold spray can make this style too stiff.
  7. Admire your work. Admire your skills and take a selfie of that Pinerest-worthy hair. :)