Your Guide to Holiday Hair

The holidays are fast approaching! Try the below tips and tricks to look gorgeous in minutes.

Time Saving Tips

  1. Invest in a dry shampoo. Not only will this extend your style by a day or two, it will give volume and add texture so you can achieve pretty styles with minimal effort. We're partial to Aveda's Shampure Dry Shampoo.
  2. Try accessories! Ribbons, headbands, and clips are a great way to add some glamour to your holiday style. Check out the below looks for inspiration.
  3. Make time for masques! Cool, dry weather can dry out your locks leaving them parched and lackluster. Dry a deeply moisturizing masque like Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque once a week to counteract dryness and add shine.

Quick Holiday Styles

For Christmas Morning...


For a quick hairstyle on Christmas morning, grab some ribbon! This style works best on hair that isn't freshly washed and takes less than five minutes.

Begin by applying some dry shampoo to your roots. Massage it in, brush it through, and gently tease your crown. Gather a section of hair from about temple-level up. Secure with a clear elastic and top with a ribbon. Mist lightly with Air Control Hair Spray to hold your style all day.



For a Holiday Party...


This updo is simpler than it looks! The headband adds holiday sparkle while keeping your hair off of your face.

Begin by placing a headband just in front of your crown. Wrap small sections around the headband to create a "roll". After all of your hair has been incorporated, you can tug gently on the roll to create fullness. Mist lightly with hair spray to finish.


For Christmas Eve...


These tousled waves can work on hair that is chin length, waist length, and everything in between! They are casual yet glamorous and take minimal effort.

After brushing out your hair, curl one inch sections. Try a one inch iron for short hair and a one and a half inch iron for long hair. Alternate the curls (some towards your face and some away) and leave out the bottom inch or two. After your entire head is curled, gently tousle and mist with hair spray.


Happy Holidays!