What hair products do you really NEED?

Many of us have bathroom cabinets cluttered with hair products. Most people have some products that they love and repurchase, some they aren't crazy about, and some products they don't why they purchased. Below is a simplified way to streamline your products. Pick one from each category for an easy yet effective hair care regimen. 



Select your shampoo based on your hair type and needs. Do you color your hair? Opt for Color Conserve. Are you trying to fight frizz? Use Smooth Infusion. Battling breakage? Try Damage Remedy. Is your hair falling flat? Pure Abundance.



Many people choose the conditioner that matches their shampoo of choice but if needed you can mix and match. For example, if you're using Color Conserve shampoo but need more moisture you can try Dry Remedy conditioner. The possibilities are endless.


Treat (Optional)

If you're dealing with chronic dryness, breakage, or frizz try one of Aveda's intensive treatments. Select the one that addresses your primary concern and use it as often as needed.



Prepping the hair prior to styling is important because it protects from damage, makes combing easier, and helps all other stylers work better. If you are a curly girl, try Be Curly Style Prep. If you're hair is lacking volume and texture, try adding Pure Abundance Style Prep to your routine.



Your styling product should be tailored to the type of style you're going for. If you're straightening curls and kinks, try Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. If you need lift and light hold, Phomollient is an ideal choice. For hair that falls flat at the crown, Volumizing Tonic is your best bet.



Finishing products can provide hold, texture, or shine. If you have fine hair that is prone to flyaways, Light Elements Smoothing Fluid can provide shine and smoothness without weight. If your hair always falls flat after curling try Control Force Hairspray. If you want to add texture, try Control Paste.