Try a Bold Lip for Valentine's Day

Bold lip colors can seem daunting but if you pick the right shade it can make your entire face come alive. Below are some tips for picking your perfect shade as well as recommendations for some of our favorites.



Nothing is more glamorous than a red lip. If you're cool toned, stick to blue based, true reds. If you're warm or olive toned, warm orange-y reds are more flattering. Our favorites are Aveda Nourish-mint Lip Color in Snap Dragon (a deep, universally flattering red), Poppy (a bright, cool red), and Cana (an intense, orange red). A bold red lip pairs well with matte, neutral shadows and winged liner.




Pinks are a great way to transition your makeup for spring. Pink Clover is a great neutral, everyday pink. Pink Peppertree is a neon, coral-pink that makes a statement. For a cool toned pink, Wild Fushia provides a pop of magenta. Try warm, orange-y shadows with coral pinks and simple winged liner with fuschia lip colors.



Berry lips are romantic and sophisticated. Our favorites are Rare Orchid and Stargrape. For a less intense look, try dabbing them on as a stain and blotting with a tissue. A neutral, bronze-y eye pairs well with berry lips.


The perfect addition to any bold lip...

Aveda Nourish-mint Lip Definer is a colorless lip pencil that prolongs the wear of your lip color. It also prevents feathering which is crucial when you're rocking a dramatic lip.