Get the Most Out of Your Consultation

You're probably familiar with the standard pre-hair appointment talk. The consultation is generally a part of every service but are you getting the most you possibly can from it? An effective consultation is crucial in achieving the look you want. Below are some of our tips to ensure you have the best communication possible with your stylist.

1.  Bring pictures. Pictures are one of the most useful tools when communicating with your stylist. Try to bring at least a couple of pictures to demonstrate cut, depth, tone, and texture. You can also bring pictures that depict what you don't want. Everyone has a different idea of "honey blonde" and "choppy texture" so pictures can help ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page.

2.  Have realistic expectations. This one is huge. It is so important to take your current hair color, cut, and type into consideration. For example, If you have dark brunette hair, achieving a cool, platinum shade in one visit may not be attainable. 

3.  Consider your lifestyle.  If you know you can only commit to retouches every 8-12 weeks, a color that is dramatically different than your natural color may not be the best choice. The amount of time you're willing to spend styling and the tools you use are also important things to consider when selecting a cut. Communicate these things to your stylist.

4.  Don't skip the consultation. Even if you've been with your stylist for a long time and are doing the same thing you should still have a short consultation. You can discuss what is and is not working and make your stylist aware of any new concerns.