Tulasara: Advanced Science Meets Ayurvedic Wisdom


Tulasara is one of Aveda's most anticipated product launches in years. This line is the marrying of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the most cutting edge skin care technology available. The entire line was created to work in synergy with existing the Aveda products that many of us know and love.

Tulasara means "moving towards balance" in Sanskrit. Each product in the Tulasara range targets a specific skin concern and aims to bring the skin closer to a balanced state. This line focuses of the absence of negatives and setting positive skin care goals. 


Below is a brief description of the products within the Tulasara line and how to incorporate Tulasara into your skincare routine.


Tulasara Firm Concentrate

Firm Concentrate lifts and firms to help restore a radiant, youthful appearance. This can be used by all skin types and for all stages of aging.

This powerful Concentrate contains acetyl hexapeptide-8, a bio-fermented peptide, to promote natural collagen production. Sweet almond seed extract provides and instant tightening sensation and certified organic ginger serves as an anti-oxidant. Glucosamine helps aid in cell turnover. 

Firm Concentrate addresses signs of ages by firming, lifting, exfoliating, and hydrating. 


Tulasara Bright Concentrate

Bright Concentrate restores radiance and reduces the appearance of dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. 

Bright Concentrate contains licorice root extract to reduce discoloration and molasses to reduce dark spots. Like Firm Concentrate, Bright also contains glucosamine to promote cell turnover. 

Utilize Bright Concentrate to achieve a more radiant, even skin tone.


Tulasara Calm Concentrate 

Calm Concentrate soothes irritation and helps make the skin more resilient over time. 

This Concentrate contains algae to calm redness and irritation. Pomegranate fruit extract serves as a soothing anti-oxidant and red raspberry plant stem cells to restore the skin.

Calm Concentrate can be used relieve surface redness and signs of irritation.


Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual

This daily, two step ritual consists of two products: Radiant Oleation Oil and Radiant Facial Dry Brush.

The Radiant Facial Dry Brush is used to promote microcirculation and gentle exfoliation. After using the dry brush, the Radiant Oleation Oil is massaged on and left on the skin for a few minutes prior to cleansing. 

The Radiant Facial Dry Brush is composed of very soft nylon bristles. The Radiant Oleation oil is a blend of six plant oils that nourish and restore the skin.


How do the new Tulasara products fit into my skin care routine?

The new Concentrates are essentially high-powered serums. They can be used twice daily. If you have multiple skin concerns, you can layer the appropriate concentrates for maximum results. They should applied after the toning stage.

The Radiant Oleation Ritual can be utilized prior to your routine. It was originally intended to be used as a morning ritual but can be performed in the evening if it fits into your nightly routine better.




A typical routine would look something like this:

Morning: Cleanser > Exfoliant/Toning Mist > Hydrating Treatment Lotion > Concentrate > Moisturizer > Eye Cream > Sun Protection

Evening: Cleanser > Exfoliant/Toning Mist > Hydrating Treatment Lotion > Concentrate > Moisturizer > Eye Cream


Supercharge your skin care with treatments from your esthetician.

Along with the Tulasara product launch, Aveda has launched many professional only products and treatments.

Visit your esthetician for more details.